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Verdieping21 is an innovative communication agency and production studio. We are a collective of researchers, strategists and producers who seek to deepen the challenging questions of communication in the 21st century. We are convinced that our society strives for sustainable change. People, businesses, organisations and governments who are aware of this change all contribute to realize sustainable solutions. In this time of change Verdieping21 collaborates with her clients to create powerful messages that inspire and activate a large audience.


Our work and clients

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The knowledge and experience of our team

Verdieping21 unites and connects independent media professionals who execute challenging and complex online communication projects. The cooperation is always striving to inspire and renew our craftsmanship and is therefore always looking for new members who are specialised in diverse and complementary disciplines. Meet our current team:

Sacha Alexander Post

Sacha Alexander Post Sacha Alexander Post
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As an independent filmmaker, video journalist and photographer I visualise the inspiring, positive stories of our time. My academic background in film science and cultural analysis allows me to ask the right questions and realise visual acuity. I have worked for commercial broadcasters, NGO’s and sustainable organisations.

Jhein Lohman

Jhein Lohman Jhein Lohman
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Some 35 years now, I realized creative commissioned films, interactive media experiences and online video projects. As a director, producer, entrepreneur and projectmanager. Check more of my work at Mind 4 Media.

Nikki Eijpen

Nikki Eijpen Nikki Eijpen
Jasper Website Jasper LinkedIn Jasper Twitter Jasper Facebook Jasper Mail
As a media technologist I immerse myself in the combination of technology and user experience. New technologies offer new opportunities. These innovations are used to create a new message in an effective way, or improve existing ones.

Katy Olivia van Tergouw

Nikki Eijpen Nikki Eijpen
Katy Website Katy LinkedIn Katy Twitter Katy Facebook Katy Mail
With a big heart for sustainability and a tremendous passion to bring about change, I produce and organize projects that relate to this. Among other experiences, my working experience as a nutritionist gave me a good insight of certain systems, and the need for change.

Powerful messages

Communication agency

A good (online) strategy is the foundation for strong communication. Verdieping21 is a communication agency with a great deal of experience in developing these strategies. We start our projects by investigating the core and the background of your idea. What are your online objectives, who is your target audience, how do you persuade this audience and, importantly, how do you achieve effective conversion? As fully fledged partners we find answers to these questions together with you.

Production studio

Verdieping21 has a production studio in which we can technically and creatively execute your communication strategy. Here, we focus on online possibilities. We have knowledge of producing websites, mobile applications, online video, animation, print, campaigns and events in integrated online environments.

The process of Verdieping21

1. Research
  • Target audience research
  • Qualitative / quantitative
  • Academic foundation
  • Insight with experts
  • Media innovation
  • Journalism
2. Strategy
  • Structured and result-driven
  • Persuasive and informative
  • Relation to business model
  • Correct choice of media
  • Social media strategy
3. Concept
  • Tailored creative concept
  • Full profile or campaign
  • Content production and presentation
  • Script and scenario
  • Direction
4. Realisatie
  • Responsive webdesign
  • Interactive video
  • Animation and 3D
  • Mobile applications
  • Offline media
  • Events

We evaluate the contextual information in every project. After doing our research, we design an unified concept. From the different forms of interactivity we choose the elements that together are most suited for the project’s objective. We adapt our work methods, strategy and our project teams to the uniqueness and authenticity of every project. We guarantee a committed and personal approach in which we, together with our clients, realize an effective final product.

As a professional partner we are able to follow professional direction, but we are also able to take on full responsibility. For some projects the ‘linear’ method works well. Here we structure the creation process in stages leading up to the completion of one work. In larger, more complex projects we often apply the ‘iterative’ method. Here we structure the project in smaller subprojects that have their own deadlines.

We are pleased to meet you

An email, a phone call, or a meeting to familiarize ourselves with you and your proposal is something we do with pleasure. We invest in clients who share our vision. For presentations, creative brainstorms and strategic, technical and creative concept development we charge an hourly rate. Project proposals and their execution are offered to our clients in a solid proposition. Are you interested in a collaboration with Verdieping21? You can contact us using the form below.

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